Title: impact which Market project can make in

Title: Case Study 1Course/Section #: INTB-4810-003Instructor: Wallace ChanDate: 22 January 2018Team Members:Abhishek Kaushal 100299825Rohit Manhas Manbir Suffi  100293115Mrigakshi Bhatia 1.

What are the objectives of the organization Market Project and in which countries is the organization operating? Answer- The main aim of  TMP is eliminating slavery and create employment for people who have suffered from mental trauma. Another goal is creating jobs for the survivors of some of critical issues such as exploitation,trafficking abuse and abandonment. Furthermore, fulfilling routine basic needs of the people who have faced mental trauma and other such issues.TMP will collaborate with other similar organizations that share the same vision as them and create a better future for the people who suffered above discussed problems.

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2. The Market Project sees the importance of work and also how work may contribute to the healing process for someone who has experienced trauma. What is their rationale?Answer- Work is a great source of distraction and and certainty at the same time for the traumatised people. It gives them hope as well as a good picture of future. Healing comes with effort. So, the people by working and earning the means to their needs, earn money and satisfaction.

It gives them a reason to show up at a place. The rules regarding time, as in, being punctual sets them in a safer direction. Their minds are taken off of the trauma they experienced, and leads them to a productive environment. They also have their peers, whom they see everyday, and can talk to about the things they experienced. Letting things out, is a great source of healing. TMP has noticed that work has changed their lives in a significant manner, their bodies have grown better, their lifestyles improved.

So, basically work has done all good for such people and is highly recommended.3. What happened to Uganda and why there is a huge demand of Market   Project’s work?Answer: Uganda has seen the impact of war for the longest time and it has devastated their economy and the economy has still not recovered.Furthermore, Uganda has huge affected population of about 800,000 refugees from Sudan and Congo followed by war victims, widows and children and drug traffickers.We have seen the impact which Market project can make in terms of better life, education and long term skills which are transferable and which makes them self sufficient and for example just earning for their bread and butter can make huge impact on the moral implications of the affected person and boost their morale for the long term challenges.It also creates better society to live in.4. How can business owners in Canada participate in similar work according to the article?Answer-Business owners in Canada can do a research on employment needs in the market to offer more to the welfare of the masses typically those involved in human trafficking.

They can offer them jobs and provide them respectful work environment. ALso they can start by engaging into non profit organisations which are working for the betterment of these people.5. Is it true that profit making and charity, which is one type of social responsibilities, in a community are mutually exclusive? Why/why not?Answer :Profit making and charity are not mutually exclusive. Any enterprise can have surplus profit and can contribute to society in a plethora of ways.What required is commitment to the cause.

Sometimes the amount of contribution to the charity doesn’t matter, what matters is the intent to make a change and adopt sustainable practises for future generations and helping those in need. Business can better the life of employees and people in general through charity and its not mutually exclusive in any way in present times.It’s not just about making profit , organisations who have good social impact can also earn more .Hence sustain in the future in terms of profit also.6.

What are the 2 recommendations that you will offer to the Market Project that would further enhance their work?Answer: TMC is doing great already but there are many ways the project can be improved. Some of the recommendations are:Providing work is great, but it would be so much better if efforts are made to stop the human trafficking and such acts. They should come up with teams of volunteers who can help in tracking and stopping such activities.Using Social Media to spread awareness about the campaign. Gathering support through social media can really bring a great deal of reduction in these malpractices. Also, media can be involved too. The more the news spreads, the more difficult it is for people to drag the poor into human trafficking.

This will also attract government’s eyes and ultimately put pressure on the ones misusing others.


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