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Tina AndrewsPSY 123 NEInterview Critique paperInterview of a mental health providerFor this interview, I choose Sonia Singh who is a psychotherapist. She has a MSA, she is licenses LCSW, LCADC, Clinical and she owns her own private practice. In this interview, we spoke about the practice and application of psychology, and the benefits and consequences of her experience working as a psychotherapist. Passionate about what she does, Ms. Singh considers her work a “mission” not just a career. The areas of her clinical focus includes depression, anxiety and addiction.

Mental illnesses have many commonalities: they involve profound human experiences of deep emotion and distress, with effects on our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, which can unsettle and uproot relationships and livesI started the interview by asking Ms. Singh about her approached to practice and application of psychology in her sections. Ms. Singh response was she first start with a psychological assessment of her clients symptoms. From there she do an evaluation called the biocycle social, which is where the psychological part comes in.

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Once she finishes the assessment, she talks to her clients about treatment routes and what they could do to possible address their symptoms. Ms. Singh says her sections last for 50mins, which is typically once a week but depending on the client; sometimes some clients’ needs more. Which in that 50mins, they have conversations and do a lot of skill building around their psychological symptoms. Ms. Singh goes about address these symptoms through talk therapy, different interventions that she’s trained on, meditation, mindfulness therapy but the major one she uses is called cognitive behavioral therapy where she pretty much address their negative thought pattern.

Just doing a lot of work around understanding the connection between their thoughts and emotions so eventually they could have different outcomes.Throughout the interview Ms. Singh and I also discusses her experience working as a psychotherapist. I asked her what were some of the benefits and some consequences of her work. She responded with “her job is very rewarding; people are always thanking her for helping them with their lives, better their situation, giving them some type of relief”.

After dealing with her clients Ms. Singh feels a sense of satisfaction, because being helpful makes her feel good. When I asked about her some of the consequences she faces, she responded with “What the clients brings to us in a session is so overwhelming and full of content and feeling that she struggles to hold it. Therefore, she have to find ways to live with that, to live with all the uncertainty and all the mystery and the ambiguity. Sometimes she cannot even tell if she did a good job, the session is over and she is flying high but then the client never comes back. Ms. Singh also said sometimes it is heartbreaking because some clients are so sick that they will not accept the help and she have to watch them get worse and wonder if she did her best.Overall Ms.

Singh personality is very kind and open. I liked doing the interview because I get an insight in something that I feel is o interesting or forbidden, things my friends and I don’t even think about or how hard therapists jobs are, their purposes, kindness and their willingness to help others. Ms.

Singh end the interview by saying, “when you work with people, and you work with people that are suffering; you want to do it from the heart. When you stick to the books and you focus on just the clinical stuff, people are not that easy, they’re not black and white, and you have to do it from the heart. When you are able to connect with people on a personal level that is when you are able to really help themTo me the interview was very clear and sincere.

Ms. Singh is a straight up person that talks in a direct form about every subject at the same time enjoys helping others with her service and knowledge. I am very glad to have performed this interview because now I see things related to this matter from a very different perspective than the one I had.


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