Time how to use your time and

Time plays an important role in our daily life.

Everyone knows time can’t be managed, time is uncontrollable we can only manage ourselves and our use of time. Good time management is one of the important to be success, mediocrity and ineffective people. In business, money and time both are important. To achieve goals, you have to manage the time properly.

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There are many things that distract people and stole their time like as phone calls, television, SMS, internet and so on. Yes, technology is important, but more uses of technology will affect in our time table. When people start using internet, phone calls and watching television they just forget their important works to do. They waste most of the time in entertainments.Business Idea To begin managing time, you will need a clear understanding of how to use your time and how to properly plan your day. You have to adjust your mindset. Think about the great achievement in future.

If you want to manage the time effectively, figure out which non-important activities you are wasting the most time on. We can avoid the phones, internet while doing works. More using phones and watching television are the time stealers.

We can use our phone and watch tv in our free time. If there is anything important on tv, we can record it and watch in our free time or weekend. We can use our phone in positive way to manage time. We can track the performance of short term work by setting stopwatch on our cell phone for each hour. It will make easier to manage time properly.

StrategyTo get good career, to be successful on your work, to achieve goals in future you must learn to focus on the activities which will be benefit to your projects. If you focus on maintaining time the more, you will achieve. Setting daily goals at your work place is a good time management strategy.

Just track your work against these goals at the end of the day. Daily scheduling of your works will keep you on track and help to improve your time management practices. Just stay away from distraction like internet, phone calls or text. Block out all the distractions from your workplace while you are busy in work. It will help you to keep concentrated on achieving your tasks.

You can avoid the distractions until you finish your work.The URL for my LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/twinkle-shahi-25587816


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