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Throughout this essay, I will be analysing by comparing and contrasting language and features of the two articles which are both concentrated on the incident of the Malaysian airlines (MH370) going missing. The name of article one is ‘what happened to MH370: Theories behind missing jet revealed as search ends.’ The name of article 2 is ‘why hasn’t MH370 been found?’ The first article comes from a tabloid paper called Daily Star. The second article comes from a broadsheet paper called The Guardian. Article one was published on 17th January 2017 by Sabrina Dougall. Article two was published on 19th January 2017 by Elle Hunt.
Article one can be accessed using the link below:
Article two can be accessed using the link below:

Article one is mainly full of pictures and is broken into little parts of text. All the pictures are related to the missing airplane. It shows different theories of what caused the plane to disappear in pictures and then it is explains it in text. The title of the article is in bold and its font size is greater than the ordinary text. The font size of the text is small. Some text are in red, these tell some the main points throughout the text. The layout is not in paragraphs. The layout consists of a picture with text under describing it and how it could have caused the accident. Article one has a lot of pictures this results in an interesting article.
Article two has an entirely different layout. It has more text than article one and has fewer pictures. The title has a greater font size than the text from the ordinary text. The first letter of the article is in bold and has a big font size than the other words following after it. There are also subtitles which are in bold and has a greater font size than the ordinary text. This article has a lot of text which would result in a lot of detail and facts which would inform readers. This article has a lot of sub headings this makes the article easier to read because there is a lot of information. Both the articles would add emotion and thought to readers because it is explained with such effect it is interesting to read. Overall Article two caught my eye more because of that first letter in bold and with a big font size. It contains a lot of detail and it is very interesting to read.
I think both articles are aimed at people over 13 years of age because most people over 13 years would understand the effects it does to people and how it changes the world. I also think it is mainly aimed at people who work in the airline industry, so that it would inform them of all the sad, terror, unacceptable actions and loss of passengers. The reason why I think it is aimed at people above 13 years of age is because it shows them the sad losses people have to go through, the dangers of the world, and the atrocious things people would do to innocent people. The reason why I think it is also aimed at people in the airline industry is because they would know how to improve service trust and how to avoid such events as MH 370 going missing. In my thoughts this would have been a big impact on the airline industry. The main job of both the articles I have chosen is to inform and to create an impact on people who I think this article is aimed at.
The language used in article one is based on reasons as to how the incident happened. In my thoughts it contains a lot of emotive language. An example of emotive language from the article is ‘Worries intensified over the mind set of pilot Shah when his daughter claimed he had been acting “disturbed and distant” in the months leading up to the awful incident.’ This makes me feel sad for the family of Zaharie Shah as it is a loss for them but an embarrassment for them at the same time. It is effective to me because it is a big loss for the person doing it, it affects a lot of people’s hearts it ruins people’s lives. This article doesn’t contain many techniques. The vocabulary used is formal due to the fact it is explaining reasons to the crash. A sentence from article one that shows that it is formal is ‘Top pilot Byron Bailey put forward the shock claim that the only possible answer was that pilot Zaharie Shah deliberately downed the jet to commit suicide.’ This example is effective to me because it shows the terrible things people do. Word choice such as “disturbed and distant” is an example of alliteration and this helps the effectiveness of the article as it is memorable and shows the evil nature of the “disturbed” man.
The language used in article two is factual and informative. This article does contain emotive language but it doesn’t really explain it in an emotional view because it is mainly factual. The vocabulary used is formal due to the fact it mainly consists of facts. The main types of sentences are full of factual language. An example of factual language in the article is ‘In April 2015, with some 40% of the priority area yet to be searched, there was a tripartite announcement that the search zone would be extended by a further 60,000 square km, “thereby covering the entire highest probability area identified by expert analysis”. This sentence is factual and in a way it shows hope for finding the aircraft and the innocent passengers. In this article there is a lot of repetition of the word ‘found’ meaning that there could be hope for family to have a proper goodbye for relatives and find the missing plane.
There aren’t any interviews in both the articles but however it does include organisations that help throughout the search. I think it is bad not having an interview, because you can get opinions from relatives of the crash although the answer is obvious it is worth listening to for respect and dignity of the passengers.
The article I prefer overall is article two because it is more relevant, it contains a lot of information and it is helpful and reassuring for people with emotion to the innocent passengers of the crash.
Overall I like the structure and information of article two. To me this was the most effective article to me as it had a lot of interesting facts and good pictures to describe the article as a whole.

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