Throughout as the iPhone. Both iPhone and

Throughout the years top rated electronics companies such as Apple and Android, have consistently tried to improve their devices.

They worked hard to provide users to have access to communication, Internet access, social media, news, and a lot more, with a smartphone. This is why Android have become as popular as the iPhone. Both iPhone and Androids have some similarities but are a lot different. The most obvious similarity between the iPhone and Android phones is the shape.

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Both models are long and rectangular with rounded corners. They are featured with large touch screens that takes over almost the front of the phone while they both have home buttons. What makes both phone companies competitive is that they both include high resolution cameras. Some of the models from both Samsung Galaxy and iPhones today now allows you to unlock your phone with your finger print by pressing the home button. When it comes to connectivity , they both allow 4G LTE and WiFi connections. Also, they can download almost the same applications and has very similar app store.

Like iPhone products Androids have nearly the same notifications settings where you can access missed calls,messages , and any other notifications. Though both the iPhone and Android have quite a lot of similarities, they differ entirely more than they are similar. For example. When it comes to the calls/ messaging, you will notice a difference in both Android and IPhones . iPhone comes with FaceTime where you can video chat with other apple devices only. For Androids, you would have download 3rd party apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and order to video chat with people.

Both also possess voice commands but are totally different in a way. iPhone has “Siri” while Android has Google Now and Google Assistant. In conclusion, while the iPhone and Android have some similarities, they are a lot different. I feel like that’s the goal that Android creators are trying to reach, to make their phone different than the iPhone which was created first. I like that idea because it creates competition between the two companies and can drive them harder to bring new features to their phone every year.


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