Throughout the main views of postmodernism. In

Throughout psychology, there are a series of trends and focuses that influence the counseling process. One of the more recent trends is the concept of postmodernism and it’s two sub-trends of constructivism and social constructionism. Although these two trends differ in their positions, they are considered to have more similarities and represent some of the main views of postmodernism.

In other words, postmodernism is a view that acknowledges how one’s opinions on social/ political concepts and their cultural background, can affect their perception of reality. For example, in the mental health field today, there is a stigmatism towards men receiving the proper treatment for their mental health issues. It can be society’s position on poor mental health as weak or their cultural background that may view mental health as a nonexistent issue, that may affect their ability to go and seek help. The postmodernism perspective acknowledges that it is not just a mental disorder that may affect the male individual, but the

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