Throughout chapter six I recognize myself in and

Throughout PADR I have learned a lot of valuable skills to use academic wise and in my everyday life. The three biggest things I have learned over the semester is time management skills, self-motivation, and to not give up on yourself. In this paper I will discuss one of my self-defeating habits and what I have done to overcome those habits. Another thing I will be discussing is my issue with lacking self-motivation at times and how it affects my academics.

Lastly, I will be discussing time management and the strategies and skills I used to overcome it. One of the self defeating- habits talked about in chapter six I recognize myself in and also can see how it has a huge effect on my life and academic career is, “I quit things that are important to me”. Most of the times this occurs because I loose motivation easily and often.

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It is hard for me to be motivated but once I do find something to motivate me I do not give up until I have reached my goal. Another reason I give up on important things is because sometimes when I fail or get behind I don’t see a point or think I can catch up so I decide to give up completely. In order for students to not give up on things that are important to them they should set both long term and short term so that way they know what they want and need to get done and can maybe find some motivation through that. Another strategy finding self-motivation, this can be anything that can help you get motivated to complete your goals. Even someone else can help motivate you such as a role model. It is also important to not give up on your self no matter if you have failed or gotten far behind from your goals.

Give your self second chances and allow yourself to make improvements and learn from your mistakes. My biggest problem I faced this semester is time management. I typically wait till the last minute to work on an assignment or stress myself out with having to work on a lot of assignments at the same time because I did not spread them out to allow myself time to complete each assignment with enough time.

One strategy that has helped is pretending the due date is before the actual real due date that way I think it is supposed to be do on that day and complete it well before the due date. Another strategy that had helped me out is using a planner and writing my week out as detailed as possible, including both school and personal stuff that need to get done by a certain time. Using these strategies have proved to help out tremendously in the past.

I was able to get all my schoolwork done on time and do my best work instead of being rushed. My Gpa had gone up and I found myself less stressed out about school and other things I had going on in my life. Unfortunately the problem has not been resolved completely because I have been forgetting to write things or refer back to my planner as much as I used too. Additional work would be to make sure I am religious about using my planner like I used to be before this semester. Not having time management skills will indeed know me off course like it has done in the past. Without time management skills I will not be able to get all my schoolwork completed on time or turned in.

Also my schoolwork will not be done to the best of my ability because I would be in a rush to complete them on time. I am very confident that once I get back on course and begin to use my planner every day like I used to I will see improvement and will be back on course. Gaining my time management skills is a goal I have set to make sure I do the remainder of this semester and also the upcoming semester. In conclusion of this semester I have re learned some of this skills and resources available to me to help succeed while here at Texas Tech and also in my everyday life.

Even though I am aware of these strategies and skills it is still easy to get off course sometimes but I have learned to learn from my mistakes and never give up no matter how far off course I have gotten.


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