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Throughout life, people make wrong decisions by performing actions without thinking about the consequences. The character that executes these actions is a tragic hero according to Aristotle. In Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth is a tragic hero since he is the protagonist in the play which ends in a tragedy. Macbeth makes decisions which determines his fate. Lady Macbeth and the prophecies of the three witches lead Macbeth to his downfall thus making him a tragic hero. Greed, ambition, dishonesty and being hungry for power are all fatal flaws that make a tragic hero, Macbeth’s character slowly built into these characteristics.

 +2 sentencesFirstly, Macbeth is desperate in finding out what he wants to know, he does not care if destruction occurs. All he wants are the answers to the questions which include, what his future will be and what will later on happen to him. He demands the answers to his questions and to see his fate where he meets the witches.

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Macbeth shows how determined and how power hungry he Ioannidis 2is to find the answers he is looking for. Macbeth tells the witches, “Even till destruction sicken, answer me/To what I ask you.” (Shakespeare 4.1.63-64). Macbeth’s dark side has taken over and will stop at nothing to find out what he wants to know. No matter what the consequences are, Macbeth is determined to finding the answers to what his future will be and what will happen to him if he does not act fast.

He is in desperate need of finding these answers to help ease his mind and keep the crown.In addition, Macbeth is scared of Banquo because he is suspicious of Macbeth. As a  result of this, Macbeth thinks of getting rid of Banquo before he causes Macbeth to lose the crown.  He then decides to send men to kill Banquo and his son to keep his position in the throne secure. Macbeth is king and the prophecy the witches told him about Banquo and his son is getting to his head. “If’t be so , For Banquo’s issue have I filed my mind.” (3.

1.70). The issue of Banquo has filled his mind and he is nervous and anxious about what the consequence would be if Banquo’s son were to find out how Macbeth got the crown. He’s worried that Banquo’s son may find out how he got the crown and he may try to take the crown by killing Macbeth since he is given the prophecy to wear the crown, except be executed by the son of Banquo. Macbeth wants to stay as king that’s why he is afraid of losing it because Banquo’s suspicious.Furthermore, Macbeth has many thoughts of what to do, Lady Macbeth talks to Macbeth for him to agree with what the witches have said. They announce Macbeth as Thane of Cawdor and that he will become king of Scotland.  Macbeth and Lady Macbeth keep on Ioannidis 3discussing whether to kill Duncan or not because of what the witches told him.

Macbeth drives himself insane by overthinking the witches words and the decision of whether to do it or not. This leads Macbeth into seeing a glowing dagger in front of him. “Whiles I threat, he lives. Words to the heat of deeds to cold breath gives.” (2.

1.73-74). While his subconscious forms a dagger which makes him think of life changing decision is a threat, Duncan still lives. The sharp words that are spoken; are spoken when many deeds are needed to be done. His greed for power takes over making Macbeth kill King Duncan. Macbeth becomes overwhelmed with different emotions towards this situation which leads him into doing such a crime and becoming king.Therefore, Macbeth has tragic flaws which lead to his downfall.

Macbeth becomes a tragic hero from his decisions. The decisions he make are what lead him to his tragic downfall. Also, his overthinking is what makes him go crazy to make such decisions. He listens to what Lady Macbeth and the witches have to say and did not listen to his own self in the situation. Macbeth is a tragic hero, but he could have ended up as a hero in this story; if only he listened to himself and not what others had to say.

The other character’s intentions were to fulfill their own needs by making them also his needs. People can make up believable things for you to believe which can lead you into a wrong place in life.


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