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Through Odysseus’ constant need to fill his ego, Homer suggests that with only glory in mind, one cannot reflect true heroism(one that needs checking) As Odysseus constantly tried to receive all the praise on his voyage home, it shows that one cannot truly save people while not having true intentions. In multiple instances, Odysseus was willing to endanger his crew if it meant he was able to achieve more glory. After defeating Troy in the war, Odysseus and his crew began their journey home but they ran into some inconvenient circumstances and ended up on a cyclops island. The cyclops, Polyphemus, had trapped Odysseus and his crew but they managed to outwit him by blinding him and not disclosing any information. They had almost managed to escape when Odysseus yelled out towards Polyphemus, “‘I say, cyclops, if anybody asks who put out your ugly eye, tell them it was Odysseus…'”(Homer 113) Odysseus’ impulsive decisions later results in Poseidon cursing him and not allowing him to return home but, in the moment, Odysseus thought of the glory it would bring him to be known as the mortal man that outwitted a great cyclops and was willing to endanger everybody with him, as well as himself. Odysseus thought only of his reputation while he was saving his crew so he did not show the attributes of a true hero. Even if Odysseus did save most of his crew, he made everything harder for them just because he wanted the glory, showing he could not become a true hero with praise as a goal.

As their journey progressed, Odysseus continued to make reckless choices to bring honor to his name. Odysseus and his crew had continued to sail until they reached Aiolia—home of Aiolos, the god of the winds. He had gifted Odysseus with a bag of wind to open once he reached Ithica and granted them passage back home but when Odysseus was back on his boat, he did not inform his crew members of what was in the bag and, naturally, they became curious. As Odysseus took a nap, his crew members began to plot what to do with the bag and they said, “‘let’s look and see… how much gold silver there is in this bag’.

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..the winds leaped out… carried them off to sea tearing their hair as they left their native home behind.” Once again, Odysseus choices left his crew in danger. As he wanted to be the one gifted by the god of winds, he did not inform his crewmates which left them curious and hurt their whole journey by drifting them away from their home.

As he only thought of the honor it would bring to his name, he was able to help everybody almost reach their goal but in the end, hurt them all. Through his voyage home, Odysseus made reckless and impulsive choices that endangered his crew and did save them, but with some sacrifices.


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