Though of contradiction, anguish, anxiety and greatly inspired

Though not considering himself as Existentialist, Albert Camus who sows the seed of sartrean ideology of contradiction, anguish, anxiety and greatly inspired by the myth of the man who was condemned to ceaselessly push a rock up and pull down to the valley. He becomes a complete man after realising the most absurd conditions and found out that his punishments has become useless as he amuse himself in rolling up and down the stone in the mountain. Therefore, choosing the right choice makes life so simple and adds meaning to the life. Looking through the glass of this great philosophers even in the midst of all absurd things one can make their life meaningful. Albert Camus rightly says “but in reality it is a matter of annexing Christ… He is not the God-man but the man-god.”(Albert Camus the Myth of Sissyphus, 104)
The psychic conditions which builds during the construction of himself and probing out of an endanger and crucial conditions is dealt with existentialism. Man can manifest his human greatness and exercise his capacity for choice and freedom by liberating the self from the destructive demand of society dedicating it to the fulfilment of its authentic inner needs.Man is not a detached observer of the world. He makes himself what he is by his choices or of particular actions. It is especially the face of situations such as death, struggle, guilt or anxiety that one becomes aware of one’s responsibility as an agent, as well as of the ultimate inexplicability of the world in which one must act. Through commitment, man provides a reason and a structure for his existence and this helps him to integrate society.


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