Those of secrecy, low levels of transparency and

Those who wish to seek asylum or refuge in Australian shores are quickly subjected to mandatory and long-lasting detention in the islands of Nauru and Papa New Guinea. The strict offshore policy has been defined by Nethery and Holman as “a high level of secrecy, low levels of transparency and accountability as well as a few opportunities for external sigh” (2016,1018). In addition, this has proceeded into creating a controlled and contained environment in which it consistently abandons the health and wellbeing of the asylum seekers. This paper questions the validity of using sovereignty as a mean to exclude refugees by first discussing the concept of sovereignty. It is crucial to understand why the Australian government is actively pursuing these actions under that reasoning. Secondly, the paper will discuss the nation’s response to the influx of refugees coming into the Australian border and how the Howard government actioned the increase of refugees entering. And finally, this paper will discuss social media as a platform to the outside world.


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