Thomas restaurant earned numerous awards. In 2009,

Thomas Keller is an American chef, restaurateur, and a cookbook writer. He was born on October 14, 1955 in California. Thomas mother was also a restaurateur, which she employed Thomas to help her when one of her cooks were sick. Four years later after his parents got divorced, they moved to Florida and he started working as a dishwasher and quickly work his way up to be a cook.

During the summer Keller were discovered by a French- born Chef and was tasked to cook staff meals at another restaurant. He also learned the fundamentals of classical French cooking. After three years working at La Rive, he left and moved to New York and then Paris, because he was unable to buy the restaurant from the owners. In 1984, Keller was hired as chef de cuisine at a restaurant in New York, before he was about to leave to open his restaurant in the early 1987.He took chef positions in Los Angeles and New York. In 1992 he came upon an old French laundry in California, which has been converted to a restaurant. A few years later, Keller restaurant earned numerous awards.

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In 2009, Keller was engaged to his longtime girlfriend, even though she is the former manager of the French Laundry. In 1988, Keller and his brother opened another restaurant. Keller has several restaurants in different location, he also has a restaurant that’s in Miami, that’s opening this year. Thomas Keller is famous for his first published cookbook that called,” French Laundry”.

His net worth is 30 million. Earlier in his career he was forced to close two of his restaurants. The menus at the French Laundry changes daily, and there is also a rule for mostly all of those meals, the rule is that the ingredients can only be used once. He also worked as a food consultor in the most known cartoon movie, “Ratatouille”.


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