Thomas Thomas Jefferson had conflicts with foreign countries

Thomas Jefferson took actions during his presidency that his Democratic-Republican colleagues would have found absurd, and therefore was against his party’s values. To start, he sent troops to the Mediterranean sea to deal with barbary pirates constantly attacking American vessels and other international ships. Second, he purchased a large amount of land from Napoleon(the Louisiana Purchase) which also lead to some controversy.
To begin, Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans(previously Anti-Federalists) believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. This is why the Louisiana purchase began to become such an issue. At the time, Jefferson was dealing with multiple foreign issues involving pirates attacking U.S. vessels, and rising conflict with Spain and France. The Louisiana purchase doubled the size of the U.S. for around $11.25 million. Thankfully, Napoleon needed to increase his army’s strength in order to deal with England. This gave the U.S. a good opportunity to be able to increase the country’s size and strength. The only issue was that many Democratic-Republicans found the purchase to be unconstitutional.
Second, the Democratic-Republicans felt like foreign affairs needed to be avoided and meddling/communication with foreign countries should be limited. Unfortunately, Thomas Jefferson had conflicts with foreign countries that were unable to be solved simply. An example of this was the conflict and eventually war between the United States and Tripoli. In return for protection of American merchant ships going near the Mediterranean, the United States would pay Tripoli. Conflict began when the United States refused to pay Tripoli more tribute in return for protection. Eventually, Tripoli declared war on the United States. At the time, Tripoli had also been at war with Sweden over the same issue. As a result, both the United States and Sweden defeated Tripoli and decided upon a peace treaty as well. Thankfully, Thomas Jefferson held a strong stance against Tripoli and decided to continue with the foreign conflict.
By doing certain actions, Thomas Jefferson undoubtedly went against Democratic-Republican values. Although he did, it was still very much worth the result.


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