This inductive coupling with the use of

Thisthesis is dealing with the wireless power transfer which topic is gainingmaximum popularity nowadays. It is based on resonant inductive coupling withthe use of magnetic material and some metal plates. In the recent years, manyapplications are introduced with the help of this technology due to the energycrisis.

It can be used to transfer power or charge motionless, moving objectsand also for automobile. After the optimization and testing this technologywith different techniques, now it can take place the old energy transfermethod. Wireless power transfer has an advantage in which there is no need of anymetal object, wood etc. or granite that must be exist between the coils.

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we cantransfer power anywhere through the air medium, while the long-establishedmethod have also some problems in case of a bad environment or the loss of anymedium can break the whole connections. Further, the maximum power can be transferand the current rate will be stable and reliable with their electrical & electroniccomponents.  Buildexperimental device platform, verify the theoretical analysis.

The influence ofresonant coils with different structures on the energy transfer of the resonantsystem and the best inductance that enables the inverted soft-switching to worknormally and maintain high energy transfer efficiency is verified byexperiments. Ultimately achieved through experiments in the 10cm distance, thetransmission efficiency of more than 90%.  In the design of the output side of the high-frequency excitationsource, in order to make the power switch of the invert er circuit in thesoft-switching state, it is necessary to make the output side weak sensitivity,that is, adding an inductance coil on the output side to output a more stablevoltage. However, increasing the inductance coil in the system will affect theresonance frequency and the transmission efficiency of the resonance system toa certain extent, so a suitable inductance needs to be selected for the matchingdesign


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