This group. In conclusion, Autocratic/Authoritarian can be

This type of leadership implies a leader that controls his team with discipline. Autocratic and Authoritarian leadership, are two similar leaderships as they can be effective in small groups where leadership is lacking. An example of an Autocratic leadership, is a military squad dealing with a riot. This is used as the leader is the one that is in charge of the situation but does not communicate with the group in decision making. However, they are short-term gains. In order to be an authoritarian-autocratic leader, you should have integrity, ambition, honesty and respect. Failure to have all these qualities as a leader, teamwork may be developed and staff may lack motivation. A well-known example of an Autocratic leader is Adolf Hitler. He made choices based on his ideas and judgements but as we all know, he rarely, almost never accepted advice from his followers or friends. These leaders make decisions independently with no contributions from the group. This style is similar to Task Orientated as in the way the leader is the only person who puts effort; this doesn’t a “team” and causes low moral to the group. In conclusion, Autocratic/Authoritarian can be one of the most effective styles as it gets the job done fast and efficient.


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