This the organization when promoting its Lumia Products.

This theory has the reason for investigating the marketing procedure of Nokia, and then some particularly the presentation key decisions of the organization when promoting its Lumia Products. The motivation behind this investigation is to comprehend whether there is proof to presume that Nokia’s execution in the cell phone market has been influenced adversely by the advertising technique decisions of the organization. This paper will focus on discovering issues with marketing techniques, decision and execution. The analysis question of my thesis is: What is the issue with the advertising strategy of Nokia Lumia, which may have backed off the recuperation of the organization? With the end goal to answer the research question I have thought of smaller question to control my research: What is the objective of Nokia in the cell phone market, and how can it need to accomplish it? Which promoting system the organization makes an interpretation of its vision into the real world? Is the methodology decision appropriate and executed effectively? What strategy should the organization attempt to settle the issue?


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