This language is the device to communicate thoughts

This term research which is entitled Indirect speech acts in English, is about the new and important theory that belongs to three philosophers and scholars, Austin, Searle and Wittgenstein. As it is clear, language is the device to communicate thoughts and ideas of our everyday lives. It is with language that we can deal with each other, besides that, indeed language involves in all areas of human being, and that’s why it become one of the great and important issues by psychologists, philosophers, and it is not exaggeration if we say it covers all areas of daily lives.
According to the theory, speech acts are acts of dealing and communicating, therefore to convey is to express a real mental attitude. The term speech act is a technical term in linguistics which refers to an act of communication. So when people communicating to each other, they express a special attitude, and the kind of this attitude is depends and corresponds with the sort of the speech act performed. We can attain successful speech act if the hearer (H) identifies the speaker’s (S) aim, to give an example: an apology expresses regret, while a statement expresses an impression or belief, and so on. Nonetheless, we have two major sorts of speech acts: the direct and indirect speech acts. This term research is focusing on the indirect speech acts in English.


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