This be delimited to; :Al..muslim higher secondary school

This study will be helpful for teachers and students 0f elementary school level.
• The findings of this study will be useful to assess for school factor dropout of elememtry level students ;its cause and its reasult ,.
• This study will be beneficial for future researchers.
1.6 Variables
Variables of the study will be;
Independent Variable: school factor dropout
Dependent Variable : elementary student

1.7 Delimitations of the study
Due to the lack of time and resources, this study will be delimited to; :Al..muslim higher secondary school rahim yar khan ”
1.8 Research Methodology
The research will be descriptive in nature and following system will be adopted for the proposed study.
1.8.1 Population
Population of the study will be;
• All elementary level students of Al.Muslim Higer Secondary School Rahim Yar Khan.
1.8.2 Sampling Technique
Simple random sampling method will be used to collect data.
1.8.3 Sample
Sample of the study will be;
• Fifty student of 8 greade in Al.muslim higher secondary school will be selected.
1.8.4 Research Tool / Instrument
Questionnaire will be calculated as a research instrument. Likert sort Questionnaire for elmentry school students will be used. This study will be bright and quantitative in nature.

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1.8.5 Pilot Study
The research tool will be pilot tested to check the validity and reliability before delivering to the respondents. The research tool will be refined and modified in light of respondents’ feedback.
1.8.6 Data Collection
The data will be collected from the selected Al. Muslim Higher Secondary School Rahim Yar Khan. The researcher will visit personally and involve some people to collect data.
1.8.7 Data Analysis
After data collection, it will be analyzed through using arithmetic’s operations e.g. percentage % etc.
1.9 Operational Definitions
1.9.1 Co-Curricular activities:
Co-Curricular activities refer to non-academic experiences sponsored, sanctioned, supported by the school.
1.9.2 Secondary School:
A secondary school is both an organization that provides secondary education and the building where this takes place.


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