This was significantly associated with improved mortality

This study evaluated the impact of HIV, CD4 cell count and ART status on TB treat-ment outcomes in 447 new TB patients.

Death rates were significantly higher among HIV-positive patients on ART and HIV-positive patients not on ART than HIV-negative patients. Our study has some conflicting results when compared to some data from high-burden TB/HIV countries. A study among patients accessing an integrated TB and ART service in South Africa showed no differences in death rates between HIV-positive TB patients on ART and HIV-negative TB patients, but similar results to ours when comparing HIV-positive patients not on ART to HIV-negative patients concerning death rates 19.

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This discrepancy is probable connected to the dissimilar prevalence of other diseases between different populations, differences in institutional tasks and patient’s selection criteria. ART during a TB treatment event significantly improve mortality rates for the HIV-positive TB patients. These data evidently indicate that ART uptake should be improved with a closer monitoring in patients with HIV-associated TB. Our study re-sult that ART during TB treatment was significantly associated with improved mortality rates, is comparable to studies among patients accessing an combined TB and ART ser-vice in high-burden countries 11-13. In our study, we did not find an impact of CD4 cell counts on mortality. Several studies from Africa 20-23, established that higher CD4 cell counts (?200 cells/?L) were associated with reduced mortality, suggesting that patients with CD4 counts


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