This Shakespearean play is interwoven with various themes that make the text more intriguing and spell
binding. William Shakespeare has skillfully employed these themes that provide a strong structure and
base to the story.
1. Adultery : Adultery is an underlying theme throughout the story. The female protagonist of
the play is wrongly accused of committing adultery. She receives venomous treatment from her
husband and her character is put under suspicion from the very beginning of the story.
2. Race : Othello is one of the most initial black heroes. He rises to power in a white people
dominated society and ultimately gets caught in a web created by their trickeries. Othello is
treated in a condescending manner by his wife’s father who believes that such a racially different
marriage can only be a result of witchcraft and trickery.
3. Gender : Antagonistic treatment of women highlights the gender biased society of that time. A
woman like Desdemona is entirely helpless irrespective of her numerous efforts to prove her
innocence. Women are treated with cruelty and hostility throughout the story.
4. Manipulation : This is the most major theme of the story as the play revolves around the
manipulation of almost all character of the story. Othello is manipulated to the extent of killing
his own wife. Roderigo, too, falls victim to manipulation. Secondary characters like Emilia are
also influenced to contribute to the tragic ending of the story.


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