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This segment confers about the progression of the internal housing spaces through different periods of times in terms of globalization impacts. In this portion, the process of house usage deliberated briefly that appears to progress as a change in local notions, straightly from superfluous impacts which is just an outcome of globalization instead of indigenous transformation. Introvert houses This typology mentions to the inward courtyard houses where the entire house-organization is organized by converting the courtyard of the rustic archetype with respect to center. The adjacent structure may be disconnected or enclosed. During colonial period, local wealthy class carefully began to adopt European values, aesthetics and renovated their houses with European flavor where the plan revealed the long established old-style organization, life style and values. Primarily houses inclined to maintain the courtyard, which developed gradually adjacent as space restraints became severe. At the very beginning, houses, kitchen and latrines were retained as far distant as possible from the main housing accommodations which are more or less alike to rural houses. A distinct facility courtyard in three-courtyard houses can be observed in these initial dwellings too (Fig 01).

Both Hindu and Muslim traditions in this region reinforced the knowledge of isolated spaces for women. The introvert courtyard plan endorses to sustain social order between the sexes by providing an outdoor area for the women within the house, which reduces exterior dealings of the female.Imamuddin (1982) also rightly stated as, “female zone inhabits inner core of the house, severely protected and secured from the world outside as respect and integrity of the household relates to the grade of confidentiality and security to its female members.

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” On the other hand, climatic explanation and relaxed living is delivered with necessary light and ventilation from within the court. In this courtyard arrangement, most parts of houses have single room depth with a verandah for allowing good cross ventilation. The courtyard type detached houses are the improved version of rural house where the different inaccessible; mono-structured house blocks are placed around the court regarding the placement of huts (ghar). The outhouse (kachari), inner house and other blocks are positioned around the same court providing a sense of enclose. Sometimes service blocks are placed to share that court. In case of multi-court prearrangement, different courts have been designed according to the different zones and functions. The outer court, inner private court and discrete service court are the mutual features of this type of houses.

Figure 01: Three court house (Source: F.A. Haque, 1997)Extrovert housesThe extrovert typology refers to the outward looking preeminent house blocks, which are placed in the middle of the composite in relation with other components. This type of house has been effectively inclined from the bungalow of the settlers having extrovert nature. Anthony King (1984) pointed out this type of bungalow as, ” the typical bungalow comprises of a low, one-story, spacious building, internally distributed into separate living, dining and bedrooms, the latter with attached rooms for bathing. A verandah founding an important part of the structure or otherwise attached to the outside walls surrounds part or all of the building.

” In this type of house, the main built-form is positioned in the center of an open land (called as compound) with an entry lawn and boundary. A front lawn with drive is commonly found in extrovert houses. Usually, the service blocks are placed apart from single or double storied main house block preferably at rear part of the backyard. The elite third culture peoples who had appreciated with colonial lifestyle have built this type of dwelling for their living.


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