This South Sudan (MFAIC/RSS) official, Member of

This section covers the, study population, Sample size, Data collection, Data analyses, and Ethical consideration and analyses of South Sudan relations with EAC.

Study populationThe population covered by the study included; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Republic of South Sudan (MFAIC/RSS) official, Member of the Transitional National Assembly South Sudan (TNLASS), one senior personnel from private sector, and the ordinary citizen of South Sudan. Generally, all respondents had some knowledge of South Sudan membership in East African Community. Sample size A sample size of four respondents was used for this study. This sample size covered vital part of the study with respondents has ample knowledge on South Sudan’s membership in EAC. Data collectionThe study utilizes primary data which was gathered using an interview guide.

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The interviewees that were interviewed were the high rank official at ministry of foreign affairs and international study. These were contemplated to be key source for this examination. Key source were additionally a source of data that helped with understanding the setting of the membership of South Sudan in EAC or elucidating specific issues or problems of the study. The decision of the respondents is vital, as the respondents engaged with the running of the Ministry and in this manner have a good knowledge about the membership of South Sudan in EAC.


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