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This research aims to show the importance for the Fair Trading Commission of Seychelles to have a team of highly performing employees compared to a team of non-performing employees.
From my personal professional observations, the institution in the past years and this year is experiencing more than expected staff turnover (Appendix C), some frustration among employees, poaching from higher paid enterprises, poor motivation and medium to low turnout in staff activities. There has also been disappointment in relation to the current incentive scheme and the non-ability to reward high performance after the appraisal process.Despite the introduction and implementation of a performance management system, the Commission is still facing these challenges and through my observation it is viewed as more of a compliance activity rather than a tool to add value to the employees and institution. There are signs that this is slowly being reflected in our service delivery and will impact the organisational performance in an adverse way.
Therefore, improving employee performance by using performance management system is vital. Among the factors which prompt poor performance of employee is absenteeism, dissatisfaction, poor motivation, poor working standards, but the use of effective performance management systems can aid to harness the impact of these factors (Kandula, 2006). in this study, I will investigate and assess the impact of a bespoke performance management system on employee performance using the Fair Trading Commission of Seychelles as a case study. From the data gathered and outcome of the findings, recommendations could be made to improve organisational performance and increase productivity through employees’ performance by addressing the current negative factors.
Research Aims
The findings of this study may further serve as a provoking resource that can motivate other researchers to conduct research into the impact of performance management systems on employee performance in other institutions in Seychelles and Beyond. Furthermore, from the findings it will answer the questions below. The emphasis is to increase productivity, address necessary improvement, high performance of workforce and maintain a positive working environment. A better understanding of the relationship between the two variables could be understood and contribute to the wealth of knowledge in Seychelles.
In order to meet the research Aims The following research questions will be addressed:
1. To what extent does the performance management system influence employee performance?
2. What are the main elements of the performance management system used at the Fair Trading Commission?
3. How does the performance management system influence employee performance?
4. What recommendations can be made to improve the current system?


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