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This past week I had an excellent time talking to your representatives when they came to UT Arlington’s job fair. I was able to learn much about your company’s recruitment programs such as NERD. Given my passion for information technology as well as a high proficiency in software development and programming, I have no doubt that I am an excellent candidate for Charles Schwab’s New Employee Recruitment and Development (NERD) program for a pathway to become an Associate Software Engineer.
My analytical and hardworking background from my technical internships and classes has given me a solid appreciation of being a software engineer. I believe strongly in continuous learning, which is a necessity within the information technology and business world. This program will be a great fit for me as it offers hands on experience, knowledge sharing, and coaching to becoming an Associate Software Engineer at Charles Schwab. Some of my key attributes which make me a strong candidate for this position that I have gained through internships and college courses include:
Proficiency in Java, Python, and SQL.
Skillful in designing and developing software.

Passionate about information technology and coding.

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Ability to function both as a team member and independently.

I am confident that my abilities and commitment will allow me to be an asset to Charles Schwab and the Software Engineering team. I thank you for your time and look forward to communicating with you further. It would be a great pleasure to give you complete information about my technical knowledge and qualifications in an interview.

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