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This paper showers light on bar code medication administration. The lack of administration or inappropriate administration in medication has been a cause of millions of deaths every year. This could either be because of incorrect medication, improper transmission or mishandling of medication. To significantly reduce the chances of errors and number of deaths per annum, it became quite mandatory to bring changes to the medication administration paradigms. Therefore, a new concept, Bar Code Medication Administration, was put forward by a nurse in US in 1995. To prevent the most common medication errors in hospitals and verify medications, this new technology combined the electronic medication administration system with a bar code verification technology. This came to be known as bar-code eMAR in more common terms.
The purpose of this document is to give deep insight to the most useful technology for medication administration and make people aware of the benefits of this technology in such a way that they start incorporation in their medication administration systems. The benefits of this technology are fetched which cannot be denied by the people having slightest hint of wisdom. The BCMA systems verify the ‘5 rights’ of medication which include the right patient, right drug, right dose, right time, right route to electronically reduce the medication errors. The benefits to healthcare sector are immense but when it comes to nursing sector, it works around in the best possible manner.
Apart from introducing the bar code medication administration, the document also talks about the examples of bar code medication administration, one’s personal experience and impact of this technology to the healthcare sector especially the nursing sector.

Example of Bar Code Medication Administration
The bar code medication administration (BCMA) systems consists of a desktop computer with a reliable wireless connection, a software, a secure server and a bar code reader. The basic reason to design this technology was to assist the nurses in the health care sector and keep a check regarding the right medication being given to the patient. With the use of this technology, there has been a good amount of reduction in deaths and medication errors caused by negligence or lack of knowledge.
All the bar codes on medication contain special guidelines on the bar code packaging issued by the federal government which must always be followed. The bar codes itself have the most valuable and detailed information hidden within. The labeler issued by the Food and Drug Administration is stored in the first few digits while the rest of the bars contain the product code that is the medication and the last digits display the packager’s code for the medication.
In simple words, the working of the bar code medication administration system could be explain as follows. In a nursing setup, before giving any medication to the patient, the nurse scans the bar code on the wristband of the patient to verify the identity of the patient then so that the medication could be given accordingly. The next step is to check the medication, scan the bar code on the medication and check it with the software to make sure that the right medication is being given to the right patient, at the right dose along the right route at the right time. These five rights of medication administration must be followed under all circumstances. These systems also generate real time warnings and make reports on the go as they are connected to the electronic medication administration system. This makes the tracking of errors easy and help in avoiding the mistakes in future. Also, it increases nursing staff satisfaction, enhances community relations and satisfies the patient immensely. This has been a major breakthrough in the healthcare sector especially the nursing sector.
Medication administration does not only provide medication to the patients but it also makes sure how the medication reacts for an individual and whether it is beneficial for the patient or not. As an attendant or wellbeing proficient, the nurses are prepared to know solution impacts. Knowing how prescription travel through the body and what impacts the medicine has or what unfavourable impacts may happen is most essential while avoiding pharmaceutical blunders. Solution setbacks can happen any place in the conveyance framework, for example, checking, regulating, apportioning, repacking, or recommending. The most widely recognized reason for mistakes happen while controlling a medication happens when there is poor correspondence, issues perusing headings, medicinal shortened forms or hand composing misjudged, poor strategies or lessons, work pressure (most normal), and absence of item information.
It is hard to lessen or dispose of pharmaceutical blunders totally when data is truant, incorrect, opposing, or basically not revealed. It isn’t correct that each pharmaceutical blunder will cause hurt, yet consider the undetected mistakes that will. The undetected blunders regulating prescription makes evaluating the viability of meds mistakes testing and difficult to counteract. Any medical attendant that has made a medication blunder knows how unpleasant the circumstance can be. The expanding requests and the measure of patients amid work load can build the odds to tranquilize blunders. Being exhausted can influence fixation and fitness, which can be exacerbated by whimsical working hours and stress, while at the same time smugness can likewise prompt oversights. While at the same time nurture weakness is ordinarily referred to cause of medication mistakes, others incorporate indecipherable doctors’ penmanship. Medication mistakes likewise erroneous conclusions, over-dosing and under-dosing. Checking counts and distinguishing any deficit in your insight is a qualified guarantees to keep from committing an error.

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