This last summer vacation, we had visited

This paper describes solution of problems occurred in Swami Textile Pvt. Ltd. During last summer vacation, we had visited the Swami Textile Pvt. Ltd. Swami Textile is a dyeing factory, where the threads are dying in bulk, uses steam for process heating. The industry suffers from two problems:1. Heat losses in the steam distribution are high, so steam generated in the wood water tube boiler lost its dryness before reaching to the point of application.

Our project is focused on improving performance of plant operations by providing new design or modifies existing steam distribution systems.During last summer vacation, we had visited the SWAMI TEXTILE. For our IDP project. Swami Textile is a dyeing factory, where the threads are dyeing in bulk. Main components those used for dyeing threads are Boiler, Process equipment, Pipes, Colour Mixture for mixing the different colours. Generally, Steam, in industries, is either used for power generation or as a process steam. Here steam is used as a process steam.

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Product quality depends upon quality of steam. So Steam is the main parameter for satisfactory operation. Steam quality depends upon various factors like feed water, fuel used for combustion, type of boiler used, steam carrying pipes, distance between generation of steam location and area of application.The whole unit of dyeing incorporates a wood fired water tube boiler, steam carrying pipes, dyeing containers with number of nozzles filled with different colours, and a chimney for carrying exhaust gases from boiler.

Steam generated by the boiler is used as a process steam for dyeing purpose. Heat carried by steam is used for giving heat to the threads bundle to impregnate the colour into threads properly.During Dyeing operation, Water is fed to the boiler at room temperature by pump. Steam is generated in wood fired water tube boiler by combustion of wood in the furnace.

Steam generated in boiler tubes are carried to the process equipments through pipes, where steam is utilized for heating the threads. First threads are coloured by sprays and then steam is used to heat those threads for drying purpose. Steam used for this purpose should be such that it would be dry enough to make thread dry but it should wet also so that threads are no burned out. So, Steam of uniform quantity is necessary. Wood burnt in furnace will give heat to water and produces steam. Flue gases produced by burning of fuel will disposed to atmosphere through chimney. Metal chimney is used for this purpose.


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