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This book the incomplete partition is written by Alastairlamb. Alastair lamb is a historian and also worked in archaeology andethnography in different continents. He wrote several books on subcontinentissues. His famous books are; Asian frontier; British India and Tibet; andKashmir.       This bookhas chapters which are based on the accurate researches in the United Kingdom,subcontinent.

        During thepartition of subcontinent a conspiracy was committed by Lord Mountbatten andRadcliffe. They planned to make Muslim majority areas of Gurdaspur, part ofIndia. India got accessed to Kashmir through this district.

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        Mountbattenshowed a soft corner for India and he had a pro-Indian bias. He avoids tellingthe truth about many matters to the Muslim Leaders.        Borderline, which was decided by Radcliffe, was especially prepared by Lord Wavell,the previous viceroy of India.

The blueprints of border line were representedto the British government through a telegram in London on Feb 1946. Thistelegram had a draft which was prepared by official staff of viceroy.        In Wavellpartition plan Gurdaspur and Batala were suggested to be a part of India. Itwas not plan of Wavell that Kashmir is accessed by India.

       The priorityof Radcliffe was to secure the holy city of Sikhs, Amritsar. He did notconsider the matters of Kashmir when he was making it the part of India. Heensured the security of natural river boundaries in Amritsar. The tehsils ofFerozpur and Zira were decided to be a part of Pakistan by Radcliffe.

        The secretaryof Radcliffe prepared a typewritten note on Aug1947.This note had a map whichwas showing of new boundaries of the state of subcontinents.        Mountbatten and his chief of staff had a meeting on lunch with Radcliffeon 12th Aug1947; in this meeting Mountbatten forced Radcliffe tochange his award about Ferozpur. Radcliffe represented a new note of boundaryline which was different from the previous note of boundaries.         On Aug 13th1947 Mountbatten wrote a letter to Mr. Jinnah and Nehru about Radcliffe award.

On Aug 11 when Liquate Ali khan complained to chief of staff aboutthe wrong changes in award, he was replied that he had no rights to give anystatement against viceroy. Later on the records of manipulation destroyed andtempered.          Ferozpurhad the majority of Muslims, the separation of Ferozpur from Pakistan, had avery bad economic impact on Pakistan. In the same way two eastern tehsils ofGurdaspur should be awarded to Pakistan. These were the main criteria ofpartitions.          Accordingto the author Radcliffe did not make Gurdaspur part of India intentionally. Onetehsil of Gurdaspur which had 61% of Non-Muslims which was given to India.

Through which they accessed to Kashmir.          On Oct27-1947 Indian armies invaded into Kashmir. On Oct 24 deputy prime minister ofKashmir stated that invaded forces are the uncontrolled tribesman of Pakistangovernment. The Indian defense comity had a meeting with Mountbatten on Oct 25in which they saw the matter of Kashmir has a planned invasion by tribesmanwhich was supported by Pakistani government.

Criticize:-                   This book has state that an Indian military was entered into Kashmir forself-defense but this was wrong. The fact is that they attacked Kashmir tomaking it part of India forcefully. Jinnah did not like the friendship ofMountbatten and Nehru, which led to dangerous results in partition.Referto others:-                                This book is avery useful source for the students of history who really wants to know thetrue face of British leaders and their misjudgments with Muslims in partitionera.


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