This model is one the basis to identify if the cognitive appraisals and perceptions remain the same, perception of the infertility problem and medical help seeking among infertile men and women. The help seeking model postulates about the various interactions and the causal effect relation between the individual and the factorial relations namely , the symptom salience, life-course cues , individual and social cues and the enabling and predisposing factors which leads to the perception of a problem. The cognitive appraisal of the situation would be studied as from the couple’s perception, and the individual perception of the problem, which in-turn leads to the medical help seeking for the rectification of the problem. The researcher would study the following aspects in among the infertile couple , and the individual – Help Seeking Behavior , Medical Help Seeking Behavior, Perception Of Infertility Problem , Trying ,Parity ,Value Of Motherhood ,Value Of Fatherhood, Religiosity, Family Income, Social Support, Internal Health Locus Of Control, Subjective Health Ethical Considerations and Education.


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