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This a paper discussing Air freight vs Sea freight. In thispaper, three factors are discussed the factors include cost, reliability, andspeed.

Whether you are a business person intending to travel or transport goodsfrom one destination to another, you will have to choose between air freightand sea freight. If you consider speed factor, air freight is the fastestcompared to sea freight yet the most unreliable when you consider tonnage andcertain commodities like wet salted hides.Cost and nature ofgoodsCost is a serious concern in every business so, mostbusinessmen will try to keep their costs as low as possible.

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With that in mindand the budget at hand, choosing between air freight and sea freight is largelyaffected. Typically sea freight is assumed to be cheaper than air freight, but whenyou dig deeper it is not always like that. Airplanes charge according to theweight and ships charges are according to the container standard formats whichare either 20′ or 40′. If a shipment is less than a full container, it ischarged using the cubic meter measure.

You should know that customs, warehouse and destination fees might be includedwhich will be more than what the airport charge. If you have small quantitiesgo for air freight, when you have large quantities sea freight will be morereliable.  . ReliabilityTrust and consistency is a trait that all entrepreneurs arelooking for. Bad weather may cause delay or even cancelation of sails andflight. When it comes to reliability after delay, cancelation or even missedships and flights, air freight is the most reliable.

Airplanes are fasttherefore they can make a trip within a short time and also have many dailyflights. If one is missed within two days a flight to the same destination isavailable. Unlike airplanes, ships are known to delay and be off schedule.

Ships have weekly and some monthly schedules. This makes sea freight to beunreliable. If a shipment misses a ship, it will take weeks and even months forit to get the next ship. Ships are huge.

An error may cause you to lose your shipments.As this may cause it to be unreliable, it also makes it reliable. Room to carrygoods like wet salted hides are created.This way, space is provided for more tonnage. Unlike air freights that carry amaximum of 100 tons the biggest ship can carry up to 156,898 tons.

SpeedIt is undebatable air is the fastest mode of transport.Shipments may take weeks or months to arrive. Airlifted goods take a day or twoto arrive. Air freight is faster compared to sea freight.ConclusionWhen comparing between airfreight and sea freight you will want to consider the above factors.

When it comes to timely delivery, speed, andreliability air safety has more advantages than sea freight. On the other hand,If you want to ship bulky cargo that weighs many tons at a cheaper price yetenvironmental friendly, sea freight will be the best option.


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