This exposure. Immediately after the course i got

This is my first essay after my school days. Since i am applying for the job of school teacher, i have to write an article about myself. I don’t know from where i would start, but off course lot of things in my mind to write.In person i am a simple lady with a simple life style. I started my education through Kindergarten to Kendriya Vidyalaya and entered my degree course.

After i completed my degree in computer science i started advanced diploma in computers and that was the good exposure. Immediately after the course i got the job in same institute but at different franchisee as a faculty of the institute.I done job for about 2 and half yrs and then left the job for my further studies.

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I applied and selected for Masters degree in computer Application which gave a great boost to my career. I started my MCA. Between the third semester, i got married but pursued my studies.

When i completed my MCA, i applied for the job of teacher and worked as a trained graduate teacher in Convent School for some time. And soon, we got posted from that place and unfortunately i have to left the job. I realized how the students were attached to me, the notes they have written to me, the card they sent to me, all are unforgettable memories of my life.

The same day i realized the attachment, i had with the students. That was actually a true bonding between me and the students.I value my parents, because the only asset of my life is hard work and determination over my work and studies , which i got from my parents.The teach i get is “Never loose your strength and confidence.”.


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