This wages. However, many organization link internship

This case reveals the ethical dilemma from the side of thecompanies for conducting internship. Nowadays, inteship is the surest route tocatch the desired job. Many companies asking what the candidates have been donein the internship than his or her work experience. However, value of internshiphas been questioned long time.Miss. IC faces several difficulties during internship for afilm company. She reveals that working time during the internship was 16 to 17hours job role was taking breakfast order and working in the location far fromthe film set.

Similar incident are common to the internship student fromseveral companies.The major unethical practice is internship does not provideleaning experience and fair loving wages. However, many organization linkinternship as a part of corporate social responsibility. Thereby, HR departmenthas to design structure for internship program and clearly disseminated withthe student.Evaluationof company’s exploitation over Miss. IC:While joining a student as an intern, she or he has certainright and privileges in the company.

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After examining the case of Miss. IC, anindividual as a HR professional of LG entertainment, it is understand that thereis a big misrepresentation has been occurred over Miss. IC,She worked more than 16 hour in some days and employer alsocould not provide the learning experience that she required under thisinternship. Furthermore, miss. IC does not have legally enforceable contractwhile joining as an inter. Hence, an individual as her professional suggest topmanagement to design a clear guidelines for the internship students.

It must contain level of reporting, job profile and role,compensation, and work timing. These guidelines clearly communicated with thestudents and signed as a legally enforceable contract. These are the evaluationof company’s exploitation over Miss.

IC and suggestion towards the topmanagement. Specificcharacteristics desired to an internship:Internship is not only student centric program. This is alsovery useful to the companies to size up the potential candidates based on theirperformance. Hence, a certain characteristics of are very important whileapplying for an internship. Especially, internship is a test conducted by anorganization by assigning a real job to the candidate. While considering the companies for internship, an individualconsider the reputation of the company, company’s process and compensation.Reputation of the company is very important while joining in any other company.

The company’s process should be convenient with theindividual’s area of interest. Alike, a reasonable compensation is required tolive in the period internship. These are the specific characteristic desired byan individual while applying for an internship.Attitude of anindividual for lawsuit against the negative or exploitation relationship of thecompany:An individual has certain limitation to file lawsuit againstthe company if he or she suffer exploitation from the side of the company. Anintern can file lawsuit if he or she sign a condition for the conduct ofinternship.

Violation of internship contract is enforceable by law.However, while considering the exploitative relationship ofLG entertainment over person IC, it is not justifiable to assign work for long16 to 17 hours. She can file the lawsuit against the company for these kinds ofsevere misconduct. These are the attitude of an individual for lawsuit againstthe exploitation relationship of the company.



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