This “implementing its own social and political project”

This article about religion during the Mexican Revolution and early 1900s comes from the Oxford Research Encyclopedia, ran by the Oxford University press.

The website contains in-depth overview articles written and peer reviewed by scholars. MatthewButler, the author of this article, is a professor at the University of Texas where he has taught courses about the Mexican Revolution and Latin America because of his interests in researching Catholicism and revolutionary Mexico. This is a credible source because the author is qualified to teach this information and the website is run by Oxford University where the articles undergo extensive review. The information about Catholicism in Mexico from the time of the revolution to present will help me better understand the conflicts and compromises that took place in order to please both the church and the state.

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During the Mexican Revolution, a threat to the church aroused and a social movement started against the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz and the highly conservative Catholicchurch. Revolutionaries went after the church and it endured deep persecution. During that time, the church was dedicated to “implementing its own social and political project” against the state, therefore causing the separation of church and state (Butler). TheMexican Constitution of 1917 was created in an attempt to further separate the two, however it violated the civil liberties of Catholic church members. The religious conflictbecame worse when revolutionaries held campaigns against the church, resulting inarmed defense by the Catholics. By the late 1930s and through the 1960s, the church andstate finally began to adjust their own desires and harmonize with one another.

Thedeeply conservative church and the revolutionary state made agreements on economic stability, anti-communism, and civic and religious nationalism. The church “gained in political prominence” and Catholics began to reclaim their civil liberties, but in recent time the church has “lost social relevance” (Butler). The conflict between the opposingviews of the Catholic church still remains unresolved, however Catholics remain to fight and defend their religion no matter what.


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