This instructors of Cotabato City, Philippines. In

This examination endeavored to discover the relationship of work execution work fulfillment and among instructors of Cotabato City, Philippines. In particular, a critical connection between instructor respondents individual profile regarding age, length of administration, instructive achievement and employment fulfillment and others An aggregate of 200 educators educating in rudimentary government funded schools were chosen and unmistakable correlational plan was utilized with a specific end goal to see connections of the factors incorporated into the investigation. Study surveys were appropriated to the educator respondents in twelve example primary schools in Cotabato City Philippines. The examination yielded that the vast majority of the instructor respondents are female, hitched, earned a professional education with ace’s unit, 11 to 15 years in administration and has a place with 31-40 years age section. Concerning execution rating it was appraised exceptionally satisfactorily.The age, most elevated instructive fulfillments and length of administration were critical to the activity fulfillment while sex and common status were noted having huge contrast to work fulfillment


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