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This essay serves to discuss the uses of word processing application program. Some of the uses include protection of documents , compatibility, editing , creation of legitimate documents and so on.

A word processor is a computer software application that is directed by the user to perform data processing functions such editing, formatting , composition and typically printing of any form of written language. Word processing can be alluded to shorthand exhibitions, which are now and then utilized in particular conditions with a uniquely adjusted typewriter. The term was instituted at IBM’s Boblingen, West Germany Laboratory in the 1960s. Typical features of a data processor are grammar checking , font application , automatic textual content correction , spell checking, built-in word list , web integration and HTML exporting , among others. In its best simplest form, a word processor is little more that a massive costly typewriter that makes correcting mistakes easier.

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The word processor emerged as a stand-alone office device in the 1970s and 1980s combining the keyboard textual content-access and printing capabilities of an electric powered typewriter with a devoted computer processor for the modifying of textual content. Despite the fact that features and designs varied among models and manufacturers, new functions were introduced as a result of technological advancements, the word processor commonly featured a monochrome display and the potential to save files on diskettes or memory cards. Later models introduced improvements along with spell checking programs , dot-matrix printing and improved formatting options. Libre office for linux operating system , Microsoft office for windows operating system , corel word perfect are some of the examples of word processing application programs. The workplace and business use the word processing programs as one can create all types of legitimate documents.

For example, you could use Microsoft word with the assist of a template feature in Microsoft to download letterhead sample, joining letter , letterhead, bill, and coins memo , receipts and all numerous types of accounts management related work. You can send an e-mail with the aid of usage of mail merge that lets you send one document to thousand of people with name and address. The use of word processing programs in offices makes works productive and clearly easy. Word processing application can be used also in the Education sector.

For instance Microsoft word is the best teaching tool for teachers. You can create lecture script through the use of text hues, photos , word art and photos. That will explore creativity in students as the watch slides or printed documents more interestingly.

Apart from that, you can type and edit question papers in Microsoft Word. You can write utility letters that is helpful inside the certain situation and its also helpful to create error-free documents and various educational materials. Another use of word processing application program is discovered in hone as you may create an invitation card , a birthday card in Microsoft word by the way of the use of pre-defined templates or usage of format menu and insert menus features/functions. MS- Word can be used to type a letter to municipal party.

Microsoft word is sort of a diary for non-public use, wherein you could write you daily activities, inclusive of you could type and print the shopping list in the paper. As the technology evolves and its appreciation most companies now require one to be well versed with Microsoft Office which its basic knowledge can play a big role to get you a job. As you learned above business and commercial are uses of Microsoft Word. This means that the advanced and basic advanced knowledge of MS-Word can help one to be employed and its great skills that you can highlight in your resume. Word processing program assist to create resume, assignments and notes that is , you may create notes and assignments on MS-Word. It is easier to write down and layout textual content in Microsoft word by the use of various textual content formatting alternatives consisting if fonts , patterns . paragraph etc.

you can insert watermark , you may insert a cowl page and tables for assignments in step with you preference. Articles , newsletters and books are created using word processing applications. Microsoft word is utilized by thousands and thousands of people around the world for document writing since its launch because writing book on Microsoft word is really easy and there are s lots of features that let you create and print a book.

A book needs a cover page , image adjustments, content , text alignment , head and footers, text highlighter etc. all these features are available in Microsoft Word. Another example of a word processing program is Google Docs whereby it is used to store files. Also, you can create pdf documents or e-books by just need to save you documents in .pdf.

This is an option where you can find in the file menu after that change the save type from docx to pdf and it will create an e-book or notes files for you. One has to save an original copy of Word file in docx , before saving in pdf format. Similarly, you can create and edit PDF file in Microsoft word and you can additionally transcribe the video into word file. You can copy and edit pre-written books. Microsoft word is utilized by statistics entry operators, assistant and typist greater often to go inti and format textual content in a word report.

You could also use Microsoft word to translate a report from English to Hindi and Italian to English. However , to type in Hindi , you would require Hindi fonts which include Kundli, Agra and so on. One can use Microsoft word which is a word processing program to start a business using offline or online platforms. This is like a data entry thus creation of documents for official works in needed. You can start freelancing to get Microsoft Word related works and sell documents on your own website. You can even buy a printer and provide notes for school students like a home based cyber café.

They can be used to decentralise tasks for instance , you can use Microsoft word to collaborate with your team while working on the same document and project. There is the need for use of Microsoft word online as it is now updated to cloud base application in which the cost of official works is reduced. Word processor allows you to remove a section of text from one place in a document and insert it somewhere using the cut and paste function. It also allows you to duplicate a section of text. Moreover, it has a search and replace function with allows you to direct the word processor to search for a specific word or phrase.

One can also direct the word processor to replace one group of characters with another everywhere that the first group appears. In conclusion, Microsoft office can be used to create presentation for business meetings, project presentation , creating notes for the students , assignments amongst others.


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