This think about our generation in relationships today

This entertainment speech was really hard for me to make, I am not that sarcastic but I will try my best to entertain you but if don’t get you laughed, I’m sorry. So here’s the thing, What do you think about our generation in relationships today including social media? Does it make easier or harder? However, in my own experience I never had a girlfriend but when I see the Facebook posts I see many couples that posted their status about their relationship, and so that I think they are met by using social media so that they make easily connecting by chatting through online and if they have a serious problem, they posted it to social media and they acting like an abnormal person because of their attitude through social media.However, couples got fight through social media and throwing bad words to each other and they are blaming themselves like seeking an attention to the social media and they revealing their privacies while others reconnecting to their ex and starting to get okay with her/him because of this generation everyone can use social media by finding their mate and the example of this is NearGroup.

NearGroup is a social media app in Facebook and Messenger some people use this just to find a mate even at a young age and most of the social media couples relationship duration is up to (1 year and a half) it is equal to (18 months) and after this they are breaking up and crying like a baby.If I were them, I will never seek an attention through social media and stop meeting with strangers and that’s the conclusion.

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