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THIS DIWALI LET’S BREAK THE TRADITION!India has always been land of exotic and one of its kind culture. It is the rich culture and heritage that sets the country apart. In the millennia’s language, India can also be called “The Festival Hub” of the planet. In India, more festivals are celebrated in a month than there is number of days in a week.When we talk of festivals in India, Diwali is the chartbuster. Diwali is one of the most significant festivals of our motherland.

Diwali also was known as Deepawali specifically means “the row of lights”.It is celebrated across the length and breadth of our land with much zest and zeal. Diwali is celebrated for five days wherein families and friends get together to enjoy the festival. Diyas are lighted, houses are decorated like a newly wedded bride, people savour the taste of various delicacies, exchange gifts, burn cracker and experience loads of wonderful emotions that can’t be summarized in mere few words. According to Hindu mythology celebration of Diwali is marked as the arrival of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana. We can put it in this way: Lord Ram on this day arrived at his home. But this Diwali lets do something different, instead of burning crackers and decorating homes lets decorate our lives, lets lit the spark of life again exploring how Diwali is celebrated in different parts of India. Ram arrived at his home on this auspicious day but this Diwali lets leave our homes on this auspicious day and explore the 7 shades of the rainbow called India.

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1. JAIPUR: marvel over the illuminated markets.Let’s not deny the fact that the real glow of Diwali comes from the lights and diyas that are used to decorate the buildings. Each year on Diwali markets of Jaipur are lit up like a newly wedded bride and also there is a competition for the best-decorated market wherein the government foots the electricity bill. Just as Las Vegas has a “STRIP” Johari Bazar has earned the title of “THE STRIP”.

It is these dazzling lights that attract tourists from all over India.2. GOA- watch Demon Naraksura get burned.In Goa, the main reason for celebrating Diwali is the destruction of demon naraksura by Lord Krishna. Every village organizes its own competitions to make the biggest effigy of demon naraksura.

The effigy is burned on the day of naraksura Chaturdashi, the day before the Diwali.3.VARANASI-see fireworks adorning the Ganges riverVaranasi is famous around the year for its magnificent ghats, one of its kind Ganga Aarti and rituals. During Diwali, it becomes even crazier as fireworks take place along the banks of the river all night long.

Other highlights are the diyas and the candles that are floated down the river.4.KOLKATA-be a part of the Kali PujaWhile in north India Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped, in states like West Bengal, Odhisa and Tripura Goddess Kali is worshipped. Magnificently decorated idols of fearsome Goddess Kali are displayed across the city for people to visit. Kali is worshipped for her ability to destroy the Ego.5.

Gujrat-celebrate Diwali in the forest with a tribe.If you want a noise free and pollution free Diwali then Gujrat is the best place for you.RURAL PLEASURE, an award-winning company specializing in rural community-based tourism will take you to remote villages in Dangs about 270 km from Vadodara. You will have a sneak peek in the lives of the tribes and how they use forest resources to celebrate Diwali.So this Diwali unleashes the traveller in you and explore your own country land instead of spending a hefty amount on burning crackers. Because Diwali is not just a festival its an emotion.-Ayushi 1st Year (Jteam)


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