This critical review article gives an overview

This critical review article gives an overview of efficiency, stability and durability of self-cleaning technology (SCT). The SCT includes so many widespread applications such as textiles / cotton-fabrics / garments, Construction of buildings / lavatories / domestic-automobiles windows / architectural heritage and photovoltaic / solar cells. Durability is a serious problem of SCT, so how the durability of SCT is significant in human life is also deliberating.

Due to the SCT has broad categories of applications, there is a need for a deeper understanding of the durability and the preparation of self-cleaning surfaces using a simple way of techniques of SHP surfaces of SCT are discussed in details with a separate section. The efficiency and durability studies are discussed with influence characteristics and importance of durability on SCT classified and summarized. In SCT, recent progress of the durability of SCT has been reviewed by for investigation at last decades, clinched that the research going on this field is increasing slowly from increasing a fraction of publication. We review the most current, and promising efforts in advanced applications of SCT towards the understanding of efficiency, stability, and durability are studied.

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Present conclusions, future perspectives, and challenges on the field of the durability of SCT are also proposed.


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