This on, the 433MHz RF receiver module and

This chapter will be discussed about the procedures and steps that used in this project. Each of the methods that were used to achieve this project will be stated and explain briefly. The purpose of the methodology is used to achieve the objective that have been stated.

In this part, the software design is part to do the programming by using the Arduino software. The flow of the data transmission starting from the reading of the temperature and humidity by using the DHT11 sensor. Then, the data will be processed by a microcontroller. It will be sent through the transmission of data by using the 433MHz RF transmitter module. When, the power supply is turned on, the 433MHz RF receiver module and the microcontroller ready to accept the data that have been transmitted. After that, the data is sent by the Arduino microcontroller via a serial port to the computer for displayed the data. Based on the Figure 1 and Figure 2 it shown the flow how it works.

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Hardware design consists of two parts which is from here it will be explained how the flow of the project will be complete. For the first part as shown in Figure 3 is the data obtain from the DHT11 sensor reading, then the data will be transmitted by the 433MHz RF transmitter modules. While, for the second part as shown in Figure 4 is the data received via 433MHz RF receiver modules then sent by the Arduino PRO that connected to a computer for displayed.

According to the flow that has been shown above, here will be attached the connection for the clearer view about this project.
The generated data for this project should be the same with the theoretical results. Besides that, the results of this project will be compared with the theoretical results, the journals or book that have been found.


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