This was tried to show how the study

This chapter has outlined how the research was designed and conducted. The chapter was tried to show how the study would carry out to answer the research questions. With the regard to the research design the researcher was used descriptive survey research to undertaken the study. In this study, mixed (quantitative and qualitative) approaches were utilized to get details information by triangulating the data collected through interview and focus group discussion (FGD). The researcher explains different types of source of data.

The sample sizes for the quantitative data 188 were respondents. Key informants to qualitative data two regional NGO’s managers, three woreda NGO’s coordinators and one respondents from education office head. Whereas, 34 primary school parents, teachers, students associations (PTSAs) informants were actively participated on focus group discussion (FGD). The research methodology helps the researcher to describe on the roles, contributions and challenges of non-governmental organization (NGO) in primary level education supporting in Benishangul Gumuz, Mao-Komo special Woreda.

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