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This can be defined as a phenomenon for all human beings that take care of our emotions, social relations and psychological well-being. Mental health has a great impact on the way our mind works, our feelings and also our actions. Mental health also has got an influence on the manner in which we handle certain things like stress, social relationships and the ways of making choices. The above phenomenon is crucial at different phases of life cycle i.e. childhood, youth, and adulthood.
Mental health problems are one of the major areas we must understand in this phenomenon where it affects the brain’s thinking capacity, social and work moods and the individual behavior in different setups. Biologically, factors like the brain chemistry and genealogy may affect and contribute to high mental health issues. Additionally, different lifestyles and experiences e.g. abuse and trauma contribute to the emergence of mental health problems and diseases. Family background and living styles also contribute to bringing up mental health problems.
Some signs have been characterized by people having mental health problems. Drug abuse has been widely associated with people who have in one way or another embraced mental health issues as a way to solve it. Committing suicide has also been linked to people who have got various mental problems running through and they commit the same as a way of getting rid of them. Many more signs are manifested by people with mental health problems but most of the actions taken by the victims usually don’t solve their problems.


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