This article discusses about the growth and characterization

This article discusses about the growth and characterization of (((4-sulfonatophenyl)ammonio)oxy)zirconium (SAOZR) single crystals. Sulphanilic acid incorporated zirconium oxychloride semi-organic single crystals have been synthesized by slow evaporation technique from an aqueous solution. From the X-ray studies, lattice parameters are identified as, a = 7.31 Å, b = 7.51 Å, c = 13.92Å, volume = 765 Å3 which indicates that it belongs to the orthorhombic crystal system with non Centro-symmetric space group P212121. The powder XRD study shows the quality and high crystalline nature of the grown crystal. The presence of functional groups is confirmed by FT-IR technique. The chemical structure of the compound was established by 1H and 13C NMR spectrum. The good optical transmittance window and the low cutoff wavelength of SAOZR have been identified by UV Vis-NIR studies. Photo luminescence studies show a wide blue light emission. TG and DTA analysis were carried out to characterize the thermal behavior of the grown crystal. The mechanical strength of grown crystal was analyzed by the Vickers micro hardness tester. The elemental analysis was done by EDAX. The dielectric response of the crystals was studied in the frequency range 50 Hz to 5MHz at various temperatures and the results are discussed. The SHG efficiency was measured in comparison with KDP by employing powder Kurtz methods.


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