Thirteen Alex, Tyler, Zach, Courtney, Marcus, Ryan,

Thirteen reasons why is a book published from its tv series, it is a book full of series of events written by jay Asher. According to the opinion of various people the title “Thirteen reasons why” is a very appropriate title as this book is about Hannah baker committing suicide and there are thirteen reasons behind it. It also attracts the reader’s attention, as they get curious enough to know what were the thirteen reasons behind the suicide. The book is very popular amongst young adults as it is a fictional story for them. The main characters are Hannah baker the protagonist, and the antagonists are the people who accidentally abused Hannah unknowingly and they are Justin, Jessica, Alex, Tyler, Zach, Courtney, Marcus, Ryan, Bryce, Mr. porter and jenny. The book holds strong emotions and feelings between the characters, the emotions are raw and the situation are mostly depicted from real life events, it also shows how a suicide victim not just only effect themselves but also other people around him. Themes like death is present in every line of this book as the book shows how Hannah committed suicide and there are thirteen reasons behind it. Guilt is another theme which is felt by the characters, Hannah was suffering from extreme guilt and she admits it, she feels guilty as she have not done anything when Bryce was raping Jessica when she could have easily stopped him from doing it, so she feels that she is responsible for the loss of Jessica and also for the boy who had got killed for jenny not obeying a stop sign and for that reason Hannah stops trusting herself anymore, she also feels guilty for not giving clay a chance to aid her during her tough times, thought that he would be just like others.

Respect and reputation of Hannah goes downfall through the story, it started out with respect and then the moment the story started her respect just kept losing as she immediately falls into the trap of rumors which were spread to all and the rumors were just got exaggerated, in the result she had lost her reputation. Betrayal is a theme which is applied to Hannah, many people betrayed Hannah by leaving her in her tough time when they promised that they would always be there for her but the worst thing is that she feels self- betrayed by sleeping with Bryce knowing the fact that he always verbally abuses people and that he has raped Jessica. Sex theme is also present because the image of Hannah is presented as a ‘slut’ and everyone used to behave with her like one, people like Marcus, Bryce used her for their own purpose. Physical violence is absent from this book but mentally torture is present with a stack. Love is the only theme which is missing from this book as the relationship between Hannah and clay ended before it could even start. People today are thinking of the story with a certain mindset for the decisions that Hannah took, she could have chosen a different decision like instead suiciding could have used left the city or change high school, Mr. porter should have taken Hannah’s problem seriously instead he took it lightly and said these stuffs are normal, clay could have been in Hannah life to give her support but went away after got rejected by Hannah. In conclusion, if observed carefully then none of the characters have done those things intentionally and have not done a big crime either these things happen in high school it’s normal for the way they have behaved, it’s the situations which Hannah had to face and the events were just stacking up in order for Hannah to end her life. In my opinion, it is a good thriller mystery book for young adults to read, the cover is interesting and so as the summary of the book. I would rate it 7/10.

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