Thinking worked hard to raise me ;

Thinking of my next ten years of life with B-JET Program, things that come to my mind are professionalism, experiencing, learning, working and earning. I always have some plans for the upcoming days of my life. As for the next ten years I would like to have the life I always wanted to lead. As I reflect on my childhood I have many dreams and aspirations that I would like to accomplish which becomes strong as I grow up. As a kid, since my childhood I was always amazed by Japanese culture, lifestyle & every single things that related to Japan.

Being a kid I used to watch samurai which mainly drag my interest in Japan. Now that I’ve grown up I thought to myself to connect to Japan through my career. Thinking of it I found about ITEE ; started preparing for FE exam ; in March 2018, I have become Half passer. I was always fond of the etiquette of Japanese people. Through ITEE ; B-JET I would lke to continue my journey to the dream I always bear in my mind. My father died of brain stroke in 2004. Since then my mother really worked hard to raise me ; my brother. Seeing her in such struggling life, I always kept it in my mind that I would make her happy through my success ; better career in my life.

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I always wanted to be a successful ; professional Software Engineer to contribute to the IT sector as this is almost only sector to develop highly a country like Bangladesh and we are already on our way. So I applied for B-JET program which meets up my interest ; responsibilities both together. I must make sure that any more sad scenario doesn’t occur. Not only just because B-JET program provides so many facilities but also I would like join the program because of the betterment of my country with Japan, making it high ranked professionalism in Asia.

My hope is that I would work in Japan for my country with distinction and make the friendship between Japan & Bangladesh more cordial. I realize that it calls for a lot of diligence, patience and sacrifice but I am more than ready to meet all these challenge. Also, in the next ten years, I hope to change for the betterment of my country, my family and after all my life.

Just as important is my hope that my parents will remain in good health. I think money has a big role in our life. I am not saying that I need to be making millions but I want enough so I can help support my family. I cannot expect to have a family I cannot afford. My job will help me buy a home, pay health insurance, and in any emergency situations so that I don’t need to rely on others. I would hopefully like to start a nice family.

Success is about achieving goals that we plan to set. Ten years down the road I see myself as a professional successful Software Engineer with qualities that works not only in some certain regional area but in worldwide area.Last but not least is my hope that I would contribute to the friendship between Japan and Bangladesh which also meets up my needs and dreams and become a honest ; respectful personnel of IT sector. Happiness is an elusive thing but I hope that I would be content, not only for the next 10 years but also for the rest of my lives. Now I have shown and also noticed that my ten year plan is very important.

I have to work on it industriously and get on the path to succeed in my ten year plan!


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