Things are influenced the life style of

Things Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe’s Novel Things Fall Apart explores that the image of women in the prominent Post-Colonial Writer. Achebe has vivid expression that the social cultural values of Igbo community in Nigeria, Africa. Things Fall Apart novel is considered as the perspective various issues of Post-Colonialism. Things Fall Apart novel portrays the hybrid nature of colonial between the African and the European traditional patriarchal culture has shown in this novel, women are portrayed happy, harmonious members of Community and Communal decision making repeatedly beaten and Malicious were projected that the darkness of Africa, an invalid denominator of historicization and reviled sayings and Proverbs. In this Community Women has big role to belief system and Achebe’s novel made it an amusement, for example When Okonkowa was obdurate resistance in an rigid conviction and European’s are influenced the life style of Igbo society.

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