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They populate our neighborhoods, their thumbs casually typing out a two-way conversation, their friendships are calculated by facebook, and they have never known a world without the internet, cell phones and ipods. This mysterious social experience is known as Generation Z. All the other generation view Generation Z and Millennials as a very lazy good for nothing generation, because of the technology. But this Generation Z uses their phones some to study, some to promote themselves, and others use it for personal business.This generation is different from Millennials and will make better adults because they are very hardworking, businesslike, and aware.The Generation Z is more businesslike than previous generation by getting money from social media, for example youtube is one of the social media platform you can get money off of it by posting funny video, a family video and tutoring videos, 100$ per 1,000 views. Also to spread their business like ideas to the world to make them successful by posting pictures of there art.

For example, when a makeup artist post a picture or a tutoring she is helping people to get better on it, by doing this she is making herself known and her business grows. The Generation Z is hardworking than previous generation by working hard to improve and solve most of the problems. When there was a shooting in schools the students/ Generation Z were the ones that spoke up about it and they tried to solve it, by organizing peaceful protests using their social media platforms, when none of the previous generations were doing nothing.The Generation Z is more aware than previous generation, because the technology helps them communicate with each other from all over the world and they find out about the good and the bad things that happen around the world. If something like a terrorist attack or a shooting happens they use the technology to broadcast everything to let the others know.

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Specially when there is a shooting and the shooter is in one part of the school, and they are recording it life in facebook, snapchat or instagram the other students will know when to escape and the police also becomes aware of the situations faster.


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