They the scurrying of a mouse, the bark

They Couldn’t put humpty together againAll of the king’s horses and all the King’s men stood around the pile  of shattered  egg with yolk slowly oozing out of the cracks in Humpty’s shell. Their faces filled with shock and somber gave spoilers as to how the story of Humpty would come to an end. Humpty begged and pleaded with them to help make him whole once more.  His cries did nothing to change their outlook on the situation and the crowd around him slowly  started to spill away like sand in an hourglass revealing  that nothing lasts forever.     Seeing this enraged Humpty. His cries for help turned into explosive cursing and very detailed horrific threats of what he would do to each of them for letting him  just lay their rotting, spoiling, and dying. Soon there was no one left to hear the tirade  that  was freely flowing from Humpty’s mouth.  The  light of day has now faded into the cold dark of night. Humpty lay there alone by himself. The quiet of death was only interrupted by  the occasional sound of curiosity of a passing animal the scurrying of a mouse, the bark of a dog… Humpty was now mentally cracking up for he knew the end was near.      Now talking in  rhymes to himself about death.  “Boiled or scrambled  was not my fate. It was a  fall from a brick wall that ended me on this date.” A shadowy figure lurking around in  the  dim light given off from flickering fires in the distance overheard the mutterings of Humpty and made his way to him. A startled Humpty heard the  sounds of  someone coming closer and called out for the figure to identify themself.  The figure came into the dim light and the view of Humpty. It was Ivan the old wizard that was banished from the kingdom for his practice of  a dark, black magic.       Ivan made his way over to Humpty and slowly moved some of the pieces while carefully examining the fragile and brittle shell. He then tells Humpty that he can fix him  almost good as new. Ivan tries to warn him of the consequences of doing this, but Humpty doesn’t care and demands to be put back together immediately.  Ivan still pissed about being banished from the kingdom and forced to sneak around in the cover of night truly wanted Humpty to unleash terror on the Kingdom and agreed to put him back together. Gathering all of the pieces of shell into a pile Ivan starts to pour a potion that was in his robe  all over and began chanting. The pile started smoke  and shake violently, soon it was levitating off the ground.  Pieces of shell started to fly around rapidly looking for where they belonged in the giant jigsaw puzzle of Humpty.  Humpty was now back in one piece only cracks remained in the exterior.        Humpty excited  to be  whole once more ran to the wizard, thanked him , and was now on his way. He had  a list of people to see  who could not and would not put him back together again. The first victim he turned the heat of his bath too high and proceeded to boil him alive as he held him under the scolding hot water. His next victim was not as lucky as Humpty  cracked open his head with ease and scrambled his brain in courtyard  so that the King and others would find. With  each passing victim Humpty would leave a small piece of shell to let the Kingdom know  who is  doing this and all will pay.       The King’s advisors brought news of Humpty’s latest victim to the King.  The King visibly disturbed by the death and the manner that the victim had died ordered his soldiers to be on high alert. They knew that this was the dark work of Ivan and that Humpty had now been deviled. Suddenly a ear piercing scream had rung out. THe king and his men looked out the window to see that Lady Mortar had found  Sir Jacob peeled of his skin. In the distance they saw Humpty running away his shell painted in polka dots. The king looked to his advisors  and questioned ” Didn’t I declare the Easter Egg hunt cancelled?”. The  King distraught looked back out the window as Humpty cackled with pleasure while escaping. He only hoped that Humpty’s expiration date was coming soon!


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