Thesedays, the effect of tourism to three

Thesedays, Tourism is becoming one of the largest industries in the world. It plays a crucial role in the development of every country. However, it has both pros and cons. This essay will analyze the effect of tourism to three aspects: environment, social-culture and economy. In terms of economy, on one hand there are variety of economic benefits that could be created from the development of tourism. Firstly, it helps generate the job opportunities for the resident. Owning to the booming of tourist industry, there are two ways that employment could rise are directly and indirectly. For direct employment, people could work as tour guides, waiters, waitress, housekeepers, hotel managers or any positions in the hotel.

Employment also could be increased indirectly which mean people could work in different services that are not tourism. Yet they are essential to increase those services to deal with the significant risen of tourists annually such as food production and retail. Apart from employment, infrastructure development is also a considerable economic benefit of tourism. Due to the growth in the number of tourists going through the areas, the communities would make a progress in facilities to cope with this. For example: undergrounds, airport runways, schools, hospitals, transport systems, exhibition are constructed to tackle with the great access of passengers which bring a huge benefit to the local community.

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If these infrastructures are developed not only it benefits in itself but it also aids the economic development as it allows more trade and better flow of goods and services. On the other hand, the adverse impacts of tourism to the economy factors are undeniable. First of all, it leads to the extension in the cost of the products which is a problematic as visitors have to pay more cash for the products during their holidays which mean not only the tourist but also the local resident has to pay for the goods at the same price as well. Hence the products in tourist areas would be much more expensive than normal areas.

Moreover, every shops would stock their products for the travelers which means there would not be every day’s items that are available for the local residents. In addition, housing prices is also one of the most vital problems. The area that is a popular destination for the tourists would have the extremely expensive housing costs thus the local people could not afford to stay there because it is famous for holiday accommodation.

Last but not least, as tourist industry helps create job opportunities for the local resident these kind of jobs are just seasonal jobs which mean there would be a numerous number of people visiting in high season yet there would be drastically small number of visitors in the low season. Hence, during low season a lots of local people working in tourist industry would be unemployed or receive the fallen in their income. Moreover, these jobs are often low paid and the people here have to work in long hours.Moving on to the social-culture impacts of tourism, the first social benefits that come from having expansion in the tourist industry is a sense of pride in the local community. As people come to visit the tourist areas for their distinct characteristic and unique culture of those which would allow the locals to improve the sense of pride


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