These three nursing decisions and actions include assistive

These three nursing decisions and actions include assistive, supporting, facilitative or enabling professional actions and decisions as :
I. Cultural Care Preservation or Maintenance : includes actions that are taken to preserve or maintain someone’s cultural views while providing health care.

II. Cultural Care Accomodation or Negotiation : includes actions taken to accomodate a patient’s cultural beliefs into the care provided or find some negotiation to meet desired outcome.

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III. Cultural Care Repatterning or Restructuring : includes actions taken to help the client modify his/her health behaviors to improve health status while maintaining their cultural beliefs.
1. Care is the essence of nursing. It is distinct, dominant and central focus.
2. Culturally based care (caring) is essential for well being, health, growth, survival, and facing death.
3. Culturally based care is the most comprehensive and holistic means to know, explain, interpret and predict nursing care phenomena. It guides nursing decisions and actions.
4. Transcultural nursing is a humanistic and scientific care discipline with the central purpose of serving variety of clients.
5. Culturally based caring is essential to curing and healing. There can be no curing without caring but caring can exist without curing.

6. Concepts and processes of care vary transculturally with diversities and some universalities.
7. Every human culture has generic (lay, folk or indigenous) care knowledge and practices that varies from professional care and practices.
8. Culture care values, beliefs and practices are embedded within worldview, language, philosophy, religion, social, political, legal, educational, economical, technological, ethnohistorical and environmental context of cultures.
9. Beneficial, healthy and satisfying culturally- based care influences the health and well being of individuals, families, groups and communities within their environmental context.


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