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These words motivated me to pursue masters in electrical engineering and to never stop learning.This quote was one of the reasons behind my curiosity towards life for everything and always motivated me to never stop learning.Right from my childhood I have always been fascinated by electronics and computers.

When I first had my mobile phone I saw a picture of hard disk of 5Mb size carried by ten people and how it evolved into hard disk of 256Gb of pencil eraser size.this rapid change in  I always wonder how text messages are sent through air, how exactly a television works and about the mysteries behind how the electronics function accordingly, to satisfy the individual needs. Day by day developing technology in the field of electronics always made me ponder how come it’s possible for a human to make such things. This fascinated me to opt for Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication engineering.

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I secured myself a seat(an admission) at one of the top engineering colleges, Srinidhi Institute of Science and Technology in Electronics and Communication branch. Apart from the electronics at the very beginning of my under graduation I have been introduced to programming languages, were I developed interest in programming languages as well. Day by day my scrutiny towards programming languages was increased and hence I decided to learn more about these languages in parallel with electronics.  Apart from my academics I took up a certification course last summer in core java from Internshala and SAP ABAP from TASK which was conducted by Telangana state government.

             And I have an impressive academic record throughout my under graduation.In the fifth semester of my under graduation I have been dealing with a group project in Embedded systems. I designed a real time project titled “AUTOMATIC DOORBELL USING ULTRASONIC SENSOR” that gave me a great insight into embedded field.

This project can be extended and used as a blind stick for blind people. By increasing the number of sensors an ultrasonic robot can be made which is used for detecting the obstacles for avoiding collision. The project being a group work taught me the importance of group co-ordination. I worked on various laboratory projects based on different subjects like digital signal processing, linear digital integrated circuits and VLSI.I interned at ECIL which is one of the largest electronics company in India and it has been a great pleasure taking an internship in it. My internship was based on VLSI domain in which I gained deeper knowledge about electronics. And hence based on the knowledge I gained in this intern, I (designed and) implemented a “SINGLE PRECISION FLOATING POINT MULTIPLIER” as my MINI project.The main object of this project is to increase the speed of execution and to reduce the power consumption by implementing certain algorithm for multiplying two floating point numbers.

In addition to projects and internships am also good at giving presentations. I presented technical seminars on Microsoft hololens, wireless transmission of electricity and honeypots.                              We have different kinds of clubs available in our college were one will be able to gain deeper knowledge about the subjects. Clubs like electronics, robotics, emerging computers arena etc.

I was the member of electronics and ECA were I learnt about basics of embedded systems and markup language.Aside from studies I was good at extracurricular activities as well. I was active participant as a coordinator at the fests conducted and an active member of NSS (national service scheme). I used to participate in different kinds of quizzes, debate competitions, group discussions etc. I have always been good at volunteering so I was class representative for four years.

Here I learnt to be responsible for the tasks given and winding up the works assigned on time.And before my under graduation my schooling at St. Alphonsus High School pioneered the necessities required for education in me.

From my school days itself I was keen towards Mathematics. So being skilled at basics of Math from school days, I was good at solving aptitude and reasoning in my under graduation. Due to increase in concepts from math in my schooling to quant in under graduation I developed great analytical and logical skills.As far as now, I want to acquire more and more practical knowledge and a requisite amount of in-depth knowledge in electronics and hence I decided to do my Masters in Electronics.Due to unique educational system, reputation for renowned higher education programs and leading edge in many areas of technology and research I decided to complete my masters from USA.I feel that Masters from a reputed university as yours will help in achieving my goals. I hope your university will offer me, a good atmosphere for research  so that I will be able to enhance my career opportunities.I Am excited to be a part of your university and start my future ahead! I did my schooling from St.

Alphonsus High School, in a conducive atmosphere which made a competitive person. Then I joined Narayana junior college, wherefrom I secured 95.8% in higher secondary school. During this time, I developed a great interest in Mathematics and Physics. As school plays a vital role in student’s life,it encouraged me in all-round development skills other than academics. I participated in inter-school cricket competitions and inter-school quizzes.


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