These make the consumers not want to visit

These aim and objectives shows that Starbucks want to extend their range by not just selling coffee in which they have done in recent years by adding confectionary items too their range as well as adding enhanced syrups. They also want to be the most recognized and respected coffee brand worldwide, this demonstrates that they need to develop and have a good customer service in order for individuals to respect them as they want people to respect them this shows that they don’t want to be treated badly and get a bad reputation for the business however they want both their consumers and staff to be treated with a great deal of respect so that they can be a expert business and in order to do this they need to serve individuals all the better they can which implies they need great quality items and not bad quality items as that’ll make the consumers not want to visit again. By Starbucks offering confectionary as well as coffee there business will expand and they will also attract a new target audience meaning more people will visit as it wont just be coffee lovers but confectionary lovers too.


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